REVIEW: Quality Air Care Personal Humidifier Diffuser Kit (Cobalt Black)

I have to be honest, I’ve only had the experience of holding a vape in my hands once prior to this little gem arriving on my door step. The one that I’d had experience with was relatively large, and seemed very bulky in my hand. If you’re looking for a sleek, light vape for every day use, this would be a wonderful pick.

This product comes with very minimal instructions. Just a small piece of paper with some basic information: “Comes with a rechargeable battery. Charge time is 3-5 hours. When fully charged you can get between 600-1100 puffs a day. The unit will stop charging when it’s fully charged. The unit will be red when charging and turn green when completed.”

Putting it together is as simple as it comes. To charge the pen, the charging cord (included) plugs into the lower half of the pen. Once it’s completely charged, disconnect the cord, and then screw the two halves together until tight. The mouth piece of the top portion screws off as well, for easy access to the reservoir where the vape juices and liquids are put.

As my first actually vape pen, I was surprised with the overall simplicity of this pen. I mean that in the best way possible. This would be an absolutely wonderful gift for the beginner vape user, or an experienced one who is looking for a lighter alternative for day to day use.

If you are interested in checking out the product, here is the link:

I received this product for free. All thoughts are my own, and this review was written on my own accord. The fact that I got this item for free holds no bearing on my feelings toward this product.

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